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What is TrioClear™ ?

TrioClear™ is a ground-breaking design of dental clear aligners with an aim to innovate and improve the process of orthodontic treatment. TrioClear™ aligners are nearly invisible and straighten teeth by using multiple removable clear aligners which are custom-made to gradually move teeth step-by-step to the ideal position. Our goal is to provide a predictable aligner solution to clinicians while keeping chair time to a minimum.

How does TrioClear™  work?

Your dentist will use 3D scanners or PVS materials to obtain the impressions of your teeth once you are confirmed a suitable candidate for TrioClear™ treatment. We will then digitise your results and create a proposal regarding your teeth movement. Your dentist will then review with you on the expected outcome. Once the proposal is settled, we will begin manufacturing your TrioClear™  kit and ship it directly to the clinic. Your dentist will then follow up on your treatment and our team will provide additional support as well. Please consult with your dentist or contact us if more information is needed.

How do I know if TrioClear™  is suitable for me or not?

TrioClear™  is designed to cover most of the cases. For detailed information, please talk to your doctor.

What is the difference between TrioClear™  and traditional braces?

TrioClear™  is nearly invisible and can be less painful than traditional braces. The cost of TrioClear™  can be even cheaper than traditional braces in selected cases.

Which registered dentists in Hong Kong provide TrioClear™ treatment?

Please review the list of registered dentists in Hong Kong at You may also contact us for related information.

How long does the treatment take?

Everyone’s oral condition is different, which results in different lengths of treatment time for every patient. Please consult your dentist for more information.

Will the treatment be painful?

It is normal if your teeth feel pressured at the beginning stage. This means that TrioClear™aligners are starting to move your teeth. The feeling should disappear gradually in a couple of days. If this is not the case, please contact your doctor immediately.

Will the treatment affect my speech?

Our products are designed specifically for each patient, so they affect you in the least extent. But you may need a couple of days in order to get used to the feeling of having the aligners in your mouth. If you are not feeling comfortable, please check with your doctor.

Is teeth extraction necessary for the treatment?

It depends on different cases. Please consult with your doctor for more detail.

Should I take off my aligners when I am eating or drinking?

Generally speaking, it is not a problem to eat or drink with your aligners on your teeth. But we recommend you to take them off when consuming chewy, sticky food or drinks.

How can I clean my aligners and how often should I do so?

Although you will change your aligners weekly, we suggest you to rinse them at least twice a day. Please avoid cleaning your aligners directly with toothpaste.

What should I do after completing the treatment?

Your dentist may prescribe you a fixed retainer to hold the teeth at the optimal finished position. You may also need to wear additional refinement aligners in order to perfect your smile. Please visit your doctor at least once after the treatment finish.

What is the cost of TrioClear™treatment?

Please consult your doctor regarding treatment costs and payment arrangements.

Does TrioClear™ provide DIY service and ship the aligners to me directly?

No, TrioClear™ is not a direct-to-consumer clear aligner solution. In order to use TrioClear™, we need a prescription that is prescribed by a licensed dentist.

Where is TrioClear™  based?

TrioClear™ is based in Hong Kong. We provide dental clear aligner products serving doctors globally over 20 countries including Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Madagascar, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Does TrioClear™ work for teens?

Yes, teens can start TrioClear™ treatment as early as age 13, depending on your dentition situation with doctor consultation.

Can I see the final result before starting treatment?

Yes, once you have decided to proceed with the treatment, a 3D simulation treatment plan will be generated.
You will be able to check the the final result on a 3D model during consultation.

Can I recycle TrioClear™  aligners?

Trio Clear™ aligners are made from a recyclable plastic material. However, clear aligners and other such appliances naturally pick up a lot of oral bacteria, and sterilization is needed before disposal. In order to dispose of the appliances properly, you may check the local Waste Disposal Ordinance since waste management varies in different countries.

How many sets of aligners will I need and how often should I change to next set?

It varies in different cases. In general, TrioClear™ treatment involves between 12 and 40 steps of aligners in total.

You will wear aligners with a specific sequence step of Soft (S) and Hard (H). Each aligner should be changed every 7 days.

Are TrioClear™ aligners safe for patients who are pregnant or nursing?

As stated in our material information, our aligners are free from BPA and other harmful chemicals, and do not pose a significant risk to the patient's health.

Is it safe to wear TrioClear™ aligners when playing sports or instruments?

Yes, TrioClear™ aligners can be worn uninterrupted with your life. They’re made from clear and comfortable BPA-free plastic and are easy to remove. For any sport where a mouthguard is recommended, you should remove the aligners and reinsert them after gameplay has ended.

What should I do if I lose or break my aligners?

In the case you lose or you damage the device, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Is TrioClear™ treatment process safe?

Yes. TrioClear™ aligners are certified with ISO. TrioClear™ aligners are made from clear and comfortable BPA-free plastic and are easy to remove.

Does TrioClear™ have a warrenty?

Yes. Please consult your doctor for more information.

If I feel that my teeth look straight enough, can I stop the treatment?

You should follow the treatment plan your doctor customised for you to ensure the best outcome.

Are TrioClear™ treatment results permanent?

As long as you wear our Ecodont™ Retainers properly after TrioClear treatment, your new smile shall be sustained permanently.

Can the patient wear the last TrioClear™ aligners as a retainer?

We have our Ecodont™ Retainer made from different material and thickness. We do not advise that you use a clear aligner in place of a retainer because the clear aligner will wear and not last long.

What happens if my aligners no longer fit?

You should contact your doctor immediately, who will diagnose what remedial action may be needed.

How to wear and remove the aligners?

We would advise you to use our dental chewies to wear the aligners and dental remover to take off your aligners.
Please follow the instruction of use when you receive your TrioClear™ aligner case.

Can heat negatively affect TrioClear™ aligners?

Yes, hot temperatures may affect TrioClear™ aligner. it is not supposed to eat or drink anything with your aligners in (except room temperature water), since it may damage the function or even lead to chemical reactions or breakage of the aligners.

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